The project aims to increase resilience of the region regarding disasters and climate change by enhancing physical resilience through the restoration, rehabilitation and improvement of critical flood protection infrastructure. Besides, strengthening the government’s capacity to better manage disasters through risk identification and institutional strengthening for improved management of disasters.

Component 1

Restoring flood protection infrastructure and upgrading Flood Management Systems

Subcomponent 1.1.

Restoring Flood Protection Infrastructure and Upgrading Flood Management Systems:

This subcomponent will finance the restoration of flood protection infrastructure damaged during 2014 flood in the State. These investments will include:

  • Restoration of flood embankments to resilient standards
  • Rehabilitation of other infrastructure such as spurs and river channelization works

Subcomponent 1.2.   

Feasibility Studies, Assessments and Diagnostics for Medium to Long Term Works: 

This subcomponent will finance preparatory activities (feasibility studies, consulting services for surveys, assessments, designs, environmental and social impact assessments, etc.) for proposed medium-long term investments in the State.

Component 2

Managing Disasters and Climate Variability 

Subcomponent 2.1:

Managing Disaster and Climate Variability 

This subcomponent will focus on identifying the disaster and climate risk environment for  planning and decision-making, development of framework to undertake the assessments, as well as tools to allow the optimal utilization of risk information. Specifically Slope stabilization studies in the State.

Subcomponent 2.2 :

Supporting Institutional Strengthening for Disaster Risk and Climate

Variability Management : 

This subcomponent will provide support towards strengthening the institutional structure as well as building capacity and equipping the Disaster Management Authorities in the State. Key activities include:

a)Institutional and policy review;

b)Strengthening of DMAs down to district level and improving early warning systems; and

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