Mr. Riaz Ahmed Khan ( World Bank Flood Management Expert) Meeting with PIU-DCRIP & PMIC Staff held on May 09, 2018

A progress review meeting with World Bank Mission was held under the Chairmanship of the Project Director DCRIP GoAJ&K on May 09, 2018 at DCRIP Office Muzaffarabad. The Chair welcomed the participants and then Meeting formally started by Project Director with recitation of some verses from Holy Quran. The agenda of the meeting was progress review of the Project.

The Project Manager presented the overall progress overview of the Project followed by the discussion and a detailed presentation. Mr. Riaz Ahmad Khan Flood Management Expert of World Bank Emphasized on the resilience aspect of the DCRIP Civil works. He explained that the civil works being restored by the DCRIP should be of resilience quality, so that they should withstand the future floods. Future He explained that MTR was due in Mid- May 2018 which has been postponed till the Mid July, and the project has ample time to achieve the desired Physical and Financial Targets before MTR. The scope of MTR is to see direction of the Project and the Mission can suggest some structural changes in project execution if necessary.

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