The frequency of occurrence of floods in the region in general and AJK in particular has considerably increased since past serval years. This is mainly because of global warming and rapid climate change. That is why AJK has faced consecutive floods during the past five years i.e., 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. Torrential monsoon rains which started in early September 2014 have been devastating for AJK. Floods of 2014, affected around 2.600 million people, cropped area of about 2.415 million acres, 4,065 villages and claiming about 367 lives.

The P&DD Department Government of Azad Jammu Kashmir in its efforts make the existing & new flood protection infrastructure more resilience to any future damages, has obtained financial assistance (Cr: No: 5686-PK) from the international Development Association (IDA), the World Bank towards the cost Disaster & Climate Resilience Improvement Project (DCRIP).

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU), DCRIP, P&D Department of AJK is an implementing agency, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this credit to eligible payments under the contract for consulting services for Project Management and Implementation Consultants (PMIC).

There are five main priorities of the proposed, which include but not limited to;

  1. To find opportunity from the adversity i.e. build back better.
  2. Ensuring multi hazard resilience built into the design of all flood emergency reconstruction projects.
  3. Paradigm shift in focus of DRM activities from ex post to ex ante to reduce adverse impacts and improve preparedness.
  4. Enhancing efficiency of SDMA, Planning and Development Department and other national building departments for judicious and equitable emergency and normal planning and efficient monitoring of implementation through input of knowledge for the future development and emergency response.
  5. Livelihood support through cash for work for affected population.

All these priorities best fit into the requirement of emergency response and overall socio-economic development in AJ&K.

Project Financial Cost

The project base cost at Composite Schedule of Rates Government of AJ&K ICSR-2009. Base Cost is estimated as Rupees 2,500.00 million. Summary of Capital Cost is give in the table below;

S# Sector Rs. Million US$ Million
A Restoring Flood Protection Infrastructural/ Structural Measures
i Power 550.000 5.500
ii PP&H *400.000 *4.000
iii Forests 150.000 1.500
iv Irrigation **720.000 **7.200
B Managing Disasters /Non-structural Expenditure
i SDMA 250.000 2.500
ii Emergency Risk Assessment of multi-hazards disasters i.e., major/minor riverine/tributary/mud floods, and including earthquakes, landslides, avalanches and emergency logistic plans. 154.000 1.540
iii LUP 80.000 0.800
C Project Management (PCU) 196.166 1.962
Total 2500.000 25.000

Sector-wise Cost Summary Sheet as per approved PC-1 (2500 MRs)