Aim and Roles of Project

Aim of the Project

The Disaster and Climate Resilience Improvement Project (DCRIP) aims to support restoration of flood protection infrastructure to resilient standards, and institutional strengthening to improve government capacity to manage disasters and climate variability in future.

Role of PIU

PIU would be responsible for;

  • Developing project proposals with basic designs, surveying, bill of quantities, cost estimation
  • Developing Work plans, Procurement Plans & Contract Management;
  • Construction Top supervision of sub-projects by the internal engineering wing of PIU;
  • Ensuring compliance to environmental and social safeguard requirements and compliance procedures during the design, implementation and monitoring of civil works, including development of safeguards instruments.
  • Perform functions pertaining to monitoring, financial control and disbursement for the project and provide necessary guidance to consultants of PMIC
  • Supervision of PMIC; and
  • Implement grievance redress system.
  • Co-ordination with line department.
  • Approval from the different Government forums.

Role of Planning and Development Department (P&D)

The Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) intends to undertake a coordinated and comprehensive multi-hazard resilience improvement program in the State, for which this assignment is meant to procure consultancy service for designing, planning, implementation, and resident supervision of restoration works for flood protection infrastructure.

AJK government has established a dedicated Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for DCRIP project in P&D. However, the implementation of these projects would be coordinated with the line government departments. P&D would be the overall Executing Agency (EA) and will be responsible for overall planning, monitoring, conducting studies, and implementation for the structural and non-structural interventions to build resilient structures and institutional strengthening.

Scope of PMIC Services

Consulting services are required to provide technical services to the PIU (Project Implementation Unit DCRIP AJK) in design and supervision of sub-projects for restoration of flood protection infrastructure to resilient standards. The Project Management Implementation Consultants (PMIC), will work under the direct supervision of PIU; and will be engaged to undertake new designing, planning and construction resident supervision, develop work plans, PC-1s, bill of quantities, tender documents, resident supervision, monitoring environmental and social safeguard action plans and gender action plans related to civil works.